Technical Strategy and Web Development

Hi there! My name is Amit Asaravala. I am a Technical Strategist and Web Developer.

I guide nonprofits and higher ed organizations through complex technical decisions regarding Web technologies, and I build engaging websites and user-friendly content management systems that allow organizations to focus on their missions.

Recent projects include work for the ACLU, Berkeley Parents Network, and the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors.

Nonprofits and educators deserve access to the latest and best technology, just as much as any other industry.

I have dedicated my career to helping progressive organizations do great things on the Web -- amplifying voices, raising funds, communicating ideas, publishing research, building community, and more.

With over 20 years of experience in the Discovery, Design, Build, and Maintenance phases of Web development & content management projects, I guide nonprofits and higher ed organizations through complex decisions about websites and Web technologies so they can keep their focus on their core missions.

My rare background in engineering and publishing means I am as comfortable reviewing code as I am setting content strategy. I draw on my experience as a journalist to ask the right questions, listen carefully for the real answers, and synthesize complex information in a way that is tailored to an audience's needs. As an engineer, I've learned to approach problems in any discipline with a systematic approach: making adjustments, measuring the results, and iterating until we've achieved our goals.

Building a Web project that creates joy and wonder, that brings people together, that reminds us of our obligation to the planet and to each other? How can I help?